Thursday, January 2, 2014

nye & resolutions

hoping everyone had a safe and happy new year! this nye, we decided to host a small party at our house with just a few friends, fun drinks, a couple of hilarious rounds of catch-phrase, and counting down to midnight with sparklers.

l&a brought over french 75s (which i am now a huge fan of) to go along with T&i's frozen blueberries in champagne. they were the perfect nye drinks to sip on all night...nice and light, with a little citrusy zest to help you stay refreshed.

[T shooting off the confetti popper at midnight]


everyone had such a great time and as easy as it was to put together, we may host again next year! and as a woke up that afternoon (i waaaaaaay overslept ;)) feeling the excitement of a new year and new possibilties, the idea of resolutions came to mind. and, truth be told, i am not big on resolutions for one reason; you shouldn't wait for the start of a year to set a goal. if you want to make a change or, complete a task or, strive to experience something different, then, the date January 1st shouldn't hold you back. once you set something for yourself, then go ahead and do it. that date...or any date of your choosing. but, don't do it because you feel you have to uphold the stigma held with the holiday. and so, i set out to stay the course of my goals, be healthy, continue to find things and people that make me happy, and most of all, to find ways to make lemonade even when those lemons seem pretty sour.

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