Monday, July 7, 2014

red, white & blue

hope everyone had a great time celebrating on the 4th! T and i hosted a small get together at our place complete with T's amazing mojitos, grilling up some tasty burgers and brats, several rounds of corn hole, and a backyard pup party. it was perfect, start to finish, and is probably my favorite moment from this summer :)

[i whipped up T's favorite - ny cheesecake with fresh berries]

what made it even more special was that brian came to visit for the weekend! it was so fun to have him back with the gang and we already miss him. 

[i got to snack on one of my favorites]

some of the guys biked up to grab a couple of cigars to celebrate they were all back together. bruce, the pug, of course joined in since he loves riding in the basket. meanwhile, l&a put together a new cocktail they made for the occasion - champagne bomb pops. (one of my favorite popsicles from when i was a kiddo)

[so delicious]

[boba trying to hog the pool]

and while it may not look it, the weather was sticky hot so, T filled up the pup pool so all the dogs could keep cool. they had so much fun getting insanely muddy, marking everything in sight, chewing on sticks and chasing each other...all 6 of them :)

[matching hats]

[we tried to keep gambit close since he didn't quite get corn hole...he kept trying to run off with the bean bags!]

before we all headed out to watch the big fireworks show, we played with sparklers but, not before nehemiah came up with a really great idea. at friendsgiving, we typically state what we are thankful for but, he had the idea that when we are all able to be together (whatever the time of year), we should keep that tradition. so, after he amazingly said what he was thankful for, we all went around doing the same. it was such a sweet moment, and one i will treasure always.

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