Monday, August 11, 2014

the in between

[new delivery of T and i's new favorite candies]

this past weekend was one to remember in such a great way. my parents came down to visit, and celebrate my mom and brother's birthdays as well as work on more wedding to-do's. and while it felt nice to check items off our list in getting ready for the big day, i especially loved the hilarious family time had. i honestly don't think i can remember a gathering we've had where it didn't end in roaring laughter and quick one-liners. i swear, my family are some of the best at comebacks. 

[a peachy dessert to end a great dinner with T's family]

[delicious gelato combos]

[trying out my first shaved ice]

[fresh pineapple syrup and coconut cream]

[the most adorable vw van]

[zesty family dinner]

[taking the fam to one of T and i's hidden delis]

[boba sunbathing is interrupted by his brother]

[afternoon gelato break]

[brunching before our goodbyes]

[my kind of ambulance]

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