Friday, August 29, 2014

wedding shower

over the weekend, my parents (with the aide of my grandma stephanie and grandpa bj) threw a family wedding shower to celebrate T and i's impending nuptials. and it couldn't have been more perfectly timed since we have been working away on all the final details of our big day. so, it was really great to sit back and enjoy the moment! 

[how cute is this banner my mom made?]

it was so wonderful to see all the family (including family friends, i.e. family in my book) come out to celebrate with us and hand off their wisdom in this new chapter. and i have to say, some of the most hilarious (and i have a sneaky suspicion is true) advice came from two of the gents - my cousin and a family friend. 

[sangrita - pineapple sangria/margarita...dangerously delicious]

and in true tradition, we played a version of the newlywed game. but, in this version, T or myself would answer the question about the other, then our family would chime in on what they thought. it was pretty funny to see where they matched up and where they didn't. 

[typical unwrapping gift shots]

[the cutest of faces]

once the games and gifts were done, my parents instructed the group to head outside for one last surprise...a cupcake pinata for T and i!!

and if you ever wondered how thrilled i'd be at a cupcake-shaped pinata filled with candy...let's just say i had a small child's reaction (in a good way). the best part was that it was filled with confetti which when it burst, T quickly ran over to throw it on me! it was the best surprise and one of my favorite moments from that day.

[i somehow had even more caught in my hair and dress]

[my m.i.l to be]

such an amazing day bringing our families together with great food and great drinks to support T and i. it was beyond amazing and we felt an abundance of love. see you all soon at the wedding!

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