Friday, August 8, 2014

three's company

short hair, while awesome, can be difficult to switch up. i've gone back and forth between having short hair and long hair for several years now and have grown a serious preference to my shorter cuts. however, i do miss being able to create different hairstyles like i did with my longer locks. for years, i've searched for new ways to style my curly bob and aside from pinning my bangs back, there aren't a lot of options. of all the different styles i loved making with my longer hair, the one i missed most was the top knot. obviously, my jaw-length hairline can't be put into one so, i thought why not three?

and so, i stumbled upon styling my hair into what i like to call, the tri top knot

[with the shorter layers, my knots had to be a little looser but, i like that it doesn't look too neat]

to finish, i had taken a sectioned off portion of my bangs, gave them a twist, and pinned them back into the highest knot. 

ta-da! hope this helps any short-haired gals in the future, and let me know if you have any questions :)

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