Wednesday, August 27, 2014

new to me: movie in the park

i have to say since my last new to me post, i've been trying to find more things to explore that local okc-ites know and love. over the summer, i kept hearing about wednesday movie nights at the gardens. sadly, T and i are your standard monday through friday (8-5) people, so we could never make it up to the city during the middle of the work week. fortunately (for us), one of the movies had to be rescheduled, due to weather, for a friday night! so, T and i packed up a picnic complete with zesty penne pasta, wine, and dessert, to see the lego movie in the park. 

[T's favorite building]

[some of our favorite snacks: goldfish, quin caramels, and quin fruit chews]

and while i do love the lego movie, i felt like the bigger treat was to see our city in a new light. it was the perfect way to spend a summery night and an easy highlight of the summer. 

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