Wednesday, August 5, 2015


so, remember my post last friday when i was stoked to take my first sup yoga class? well, unfortunately, it got cancelled as T and i were going to head up because of storms in the area. man, oklahoma weather can be so unpredictable sometimes! needless to say, i was extremely bummed. so, to cheer me up, T and i ventured up to the city for a little food truck action, and to introduce me to shimmers. 


shimmers, for those who don't know (including myself), is a well-known local favorite for any snow cone lovers. personally, i've never been one for snow cones, until this one. the ice is so finely shaved, and with the combination of their amazing syrups...i could not get enough! plus, i loved the switch of using gummy bears instead of sour straws (so good!).

[caught, mid-bite]

[great curl day]

[quirky advertisement]

then, we made our way to bleugarten for some delicious food, drinks, and to see our friend jimmy (who lives in the area). 

[pit stop for my favorite bowl of ramen]

[my favorite meatballs and pizza in town]

between the great crowd, watching the most intense game of jenga i've ever seen, meeting a family of great danes, and the dynamite company, it was just the pick me up i needed. thanks again bleugarten for another great night in the books!


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