Friday, August 7, 2015

awesome and awkward

[happy hour cocktails]

[lavender for the house]

  • this season of true detective has been super disappointing but, the fall is totally picking up the slack. i can't wait for next season!
  • lately, i've been trying my hand at homemade ice cream flavors. so far, i've nailed mexican vanilla (SO good!), and am still working out the kinks on coffee. 
  • if you haven't gotten caught up on silicon valley, clear your schedule and prepare to laugh a lot. tj miller may be my new favorite actor. 
  • the den is getting tiled soon!!!

  • recently, i've been getting back into pilates (loving it) and in the middle of class, i felt a light breeze in between my legs. i was wearing full leggings so, i knew something wasn't right. i look down (as we are doing mid-air splits) and notice one of the pups clawed or chewed a couple of revealing holes...needless to say, i spent the rest of class focusing on not flashing the class my nether regions. 
  • not too long ago, i was loading up the dishwasher and solo came up to try and "help". without paying attention to how close he was, i put in a wine glass without checking to see if it was empty. red wine spilled all over his head and snout. his white fur was stained for about a week...whoops!

[poolside snacks]

[watermelon pinatas]

[furry sous chefs]

[delicious and healthy, my favorite combo]

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