Friday, August 21, 2015

food in movies

have you ever watched a movie (or TV show) and have found yourself wishing you could eat the food in it? i mean scenes where they are either talking about food, making it, or enjoying it, that is so enticing you are practically drooling? the subject came up while T and i were having dinner one night and led us on a list of films that we both loved for this reason. then, T got the idea that we should try to make the food we are most wanting from each film to enjoy while watching it!  

so, our first movie, in a new series called, food in movies, is a personal favorite of mine, julie & julia. not only do i love meryl streeps portrayal of julia child but, to watch her trial and error in learning to cook is beyond darling. plus, watching her fall in love with paris reminds me of why i love it so.  

now, i know the typical pick for what to make from this movie would be julia's beef bourguinon. but, the most drool-worthy item for me was her chicken with mushrooms in cream. the set up, for julie, was a terrible day where nothing went right only to come home and make a completely delicious dish. this really stuck a cord with me because i personally love to make indulgent meals after an ick day (for T or myself). 

[heavenly sauce a cookin']

and i have to say, it was everything i'd hoped it would be...even T loved it, granted, he mashed his into a non-photogenic casserole-like dish. but, it still counts ;) 

[" was bliss" - julie]

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