Monday, August 17, 2015

art walk

a friday filled with local goods, cocktails, and art...what's not to love? i'd had a rough week personally so, it was just the pick me up i needed. plus, i love getting to peek in on the window installation the social club has this summer (above). how great is that? 

[new building mural is almost done!]


[meeting up with friends]

while over at stash's edo block party, we got to learn about a new local coffee bean company, bison brew. it was so great to hear how it started, the meaning behind the varietal names (local state parks), and one of the owners is a friend of T's! 

[spiked strawberry black pepper soda]

then, a quick scooter ride home feeling recharged and ready to take on the to-do's for the weekend. oh, and the brownie recipe was a huge hit!

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