Monday, August 3, 2015

slaughter's hall

stumbling onto unfamiliar areas in okc while trying out a new restaurant makes for a sweet sunday fun day. it's currently known as the deep deuce district but, historically, holds a great deal of significance as to how the city was shaped, as well as influence jazz music. 

one of the few original buildings left is slaughter's building currently housing slaughter's hall; an east-coast style deli that combines savory sandwiches (and mac 'n cheese) with local craft brews. and while, beer isn't my cup of tea, their mac 'n cheese and brunch bites most definitely are. 

[decisions, decisions...]

[the most delicious brunch dish - easily makes my top 10]

[s. hall's pigs in a blanket]

[T styling a shot]

[very full and happy bellies]

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