Friday, September 11, 2015

life, according to my iphone

[husband is such a hunk; pouty pup]

it's crazy how time flies. this time last year, T and i were busy working on wedding to-dos, buying our first home, and saying goodbye to two furry family members. there was so much to be excited for but, i really struggled with my loss. bear was first, and soon followed by sadie...and while i did tell others when bear was gone, i didn't tell any when sadie left too. with bear, we knew it was coming so, while it was hard, there was time to come to terms with what was to come. sadie, on the other hand, was healthy but, lost without her brother. and so, she soon left too. with her, the loss was deafening. but, such great things were happening and so, i kept it to myself since i didn't know what to do. it was so difficult to juggle the two halves of my heart at the same time. but, in the end, that is life. good and bad, light and dark, happy and sad, it's a balance. and, since that time, i've learned it's okay. life isn't all good all the time or all bad all the time. it intermingles, constantly. so, as hard as it was for me internally, maybe it being sandwiched between all of this good helped keep me from wallowing. it helped me keep finding my smile, and to focus on the beautiful memories i had with my two pups.


[sadie (above) and bear (below); miss them every single day]

[need a foot?; highlighter shades]

[sunset music listening; weeknight family dinner]

[hitting our PR' happy and so proud; pool snacks]

[twinkle lights]

[all the peaches; downtown walks]

[happy hour drinks]

[pool party babes]

[brunch game strong; cloud atlas]

[picking up a gift for a loved one; #yeswayrose]

[pioneer woman recipes]

[morning lounging; playmates]

[food prep]

[solo being extra sweet on T]

[early bday gift to T; garden gifts from my mom]

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