Friday, September 25, 2015

beach-bound vacation

a week filled with salt air blowing through my hair, sunshine on my face, white sand between my toes, and ocean water filling my spirit with glee. there are few things that compare to my love for the sand and sea. so, i of course returned with several snapshots to recap our gorgeous time away...have a great weekend!

[beach-side home base]

[kitschy tropical patterns] 

[daily shell catches]

[T & i's turn to make dindin]

[T catching a good wave to ride in]

[me and my merman]

[dad's sandcastles]

[grandpa's infamous salsa...yum]

[sunset harbor walks]

[catching a little sun]

[brotherly love in the form of a stank face]


[pineapple, so good]

[am beach yoga]

[crystal clear waters]

[T's birthday]


[shrimp boil]

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