Friday, September 4, 2015


it's no secret my love affair with tacos. i mean, i nearly lost my marbles when i found it was the main course at a wedding we went to (see below)! so, when i heard a new taco spot, puebla, opened in town i had to check it out. 

then, the perfect opportunity to try it came up when my parents came down to visit last weekend, and we were set to have our family dinner with my brother. all i had to say was, taco and tequila bar, and they were in. 

[blood orange margarita]

[queso blanco supreme & fresh guac]

so, we thought with such a vast variety of tequilas we would have an impromptu tasting. thanks to the bartender, who was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, we learned even more about the different types of tequilas and found new ones to love. 

the big favorite, casamigos anejo. after first place, we were all divided on our second-fifth place contenders. but, at least we agreed on one, right?

[cute photobomb]

then, it was on to the taco tasting! we all were divided on our favorites but, mine were the veggie portobello and the puebla cochinita pibil...those pickled red onions took it to a whole other level. 


thanks puebla for a dynamite night, and for solidifying our return for more!

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