Wednesday, September 2, 2015

best date

pretty regularly, my best and i will get together for dinner and drinks. we've been friends since college but, as we've gotten older and aren't able to veg out for hours on end (missing that veg out for days part most from college), we set out dates in advance to get together. we catch up on regular adult life, and all the bits in between. on our most recent date, we noted a special occasion, our 10 yrs of friendship together. 

we met during rush prior to pledging our sorority house together, and have been bests ever since. and thankfully, i am not rocking the same hair colors i did when i was 18...why did i think that was cute?

the locale: chic, trendy, and unique. the edibles: indulgent, filling, and carb-filled (the best kind). the conversation: ranging from silly to serious to sweet to always.  

[peach and blueberry coffee cake]

[rooftop views of our city]

then, it was off to explore on foot per usual to stumble onto something new and this one was no exception. a quiet rooftop view of our city all to ourselves. with clear, star-filled skies, and a supermoon hanging above, it made for an awe-inducing memory together.  

happy hump day!

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