Monday, September 28, 2015

street art

for as long as i can remember, i have had a big-time love of street art, in any and all forms...from sculptures to graffiti to murals to light installations. it is so much more uninhibited and raw, almost as if you were getting an uncensored viewing of the artists' creative process. after several new pieces sprung up around okc, i decided it was high time i saw them in person. so, on the most recent trek my 'rents made to see us, i sweet-talked my mom to coming with me.

cultivation by jason pawley

by far one of the most unique pieces i've come across. this one kept us on our toes since it completely changed based on what side of the street you were on, the amount of daylight in each spot, as well as the contrast of colors. it was nothing short of stunning and turns this underpass into a local gem.

[my favorite wall]

terra by orly genger

this one i'd been so anxious to see as it reminded me of red vines. i was so surprised to find it was lobster fishing ropes tied together and painted. how great is that? plus, it made for a great backdrop for a friend's engagement photos :)

braid by kris kanaly, yatika starr fields, and dylan bradway

a collaboration that brought new life to 9th street as well as the building itself. weaving all three artists' styles together made for a piece that was not only eye-catching but, the perfect addition to the area.  

the womb art gallery

provacative, fun, and a feast for the eyes. in one train of thought my mom stated how much she loved the colors and then asked if there was sperm swimming out of that eye (above). i loved it, absolutely loved it.

[just melting away]

[oddly specific]

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