Wednesday, September 30, 2015

awesome and awkward

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  • i recently watched the documentary jiro dreams of sushi. not only was it fascinating to hear how he found his love for sushi as well as his craft but, the following quotes really stuck with me: "in order to make delicious food, you must eat delicious food...without good taste, you can't make good food...if your sense of taste is lower than that of the customer, how will you impress them?"
  • as a sweet treat for our house sitter, i made strawberry ice cream. by some miracle, there was still some left so, i got to try it. turns out, homemade strawberry ice cream is a one of my favorite flavors! funny thing, is that before making it from scratch, i couldn't stand the taste of store-bought strawberry ice cream. 
  • T and i have started watching the wire and love it (yes, i know we are way behind and people still can't stop talking about it). 

  • during hot yoga, the instructor was guiding our class through an intense stretch. at one point she stated we needed to activate a particular muscle in order to do it correctly. as she looked around the room, her eyes locked on my face which must have looked like i was deep in thought (read: confused). she immediately lost her train of thought and started laughing uncontrollably. by time everyone else turned to see what she was laughing at, my face changed to like a deer in headlights. note to self: try to not convey thoughts too easily on my face. 
  • at an event, i noticed a woman looking at me and smiling. she vaguely looked like someone i had met so, when she waved, i waved back...and not the small wave. we are talking, hey you over there, kind of wave. her face dropped and the person she was really waving to stepped out from behind me. they both made a face at each other, then looked back at me, and walked away.  

[old cookbook notes]

[salad to take to a family dinner]

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