Wednesday, December 16, 2015

edible gifting

during the holiday season, i have a hard time figuring out what to do for friends. do i find a gift? do i not? what price limit? do i tell them in advance as to avoid the awkward "oh, i didn't get you anything" or "i didn't know we were doing christmas gifts" exchange? the task is always too daunting to consider so, i typically opt out. but, i can't shake the feeling of wanting to do something. then, i found my solution...edible gifts! just enough effort to show care and thought while avoiding all the unpleasantness noted above. 

however, to not overwhelm myself with wanting to bake for everyone i know, i give myself parameters: only local (as in someone who lives close enough for me to drop it off) and no more than five to ten friends (any more and i'd be overwhelmed with the task). 

[all the sprinkles]

first to bake, my molasses cookies. i whip these up every year so, it was an easy choice for gifting. they're the perfect combo of spiced cookie with the sweet dip of almond bark...unexpected and delicious. 

second batch, the classic sugar cookie with all the sprinkles. i typically don't like sugar cookies since i find them to be boring and bland. but, these...oh man, were they good. everything i find lacking about the cookie finally presented itself with this one, and even T was a fan. so much so, he nearly tried to eat them all before i could package them up!

[had to taste test]

for batch number three, santa-sized gingerbread cookies. it's not christmas without gingerbread in some form or fashion. and since our pups would never leave a gingerbread house untouched, this sweet cookie became our replacement :)

[cooled, set, and ready for packaging]

and of course, one for our mailman. he very sweetly puts up with boba trying to scare him everyday with any and all tactics he can think of. i don't know what it is about the mailman but, he really dislikes him. hopefully a sweet treat will help a little :)

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