Friday, December 4, 2015

junction coffee okc

while aunt t was in town, we got to check out a new mobile coffee shop, junction coffee okc. held on a double-decker bus, the lower level hosts the coffee shop itself, while the upper level is a sitting area to enjoy your caffeinated beverages. and while, i am not a coffee drinker myself, i can easily make an exception for this.  

[decisions, decisions]

[open seating]

after a grueling few seconds of decision making, we settled on twin pumpkin spiced lattes with sweet potato toasts. 

[the 'shop']

the toast, for the record, was not only drool-worthy but, delectable. the toasted marshmallows were the perfect addition to get our taste buds into gear for turkey day. and the lattes? a dynamite pairing. 

[hey there, okc!]

the owners couldn't have been more friendly, the treats more savory, and the views more delightful. it was such a great way to start out the day, and get a new view of the city. 

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