Monday, December 7, 2015

o christmas tree, o christmas tree...

last saturday, T and i got together with m+j, and amanda + ryan to go christmas tree hunting. after hearing how much fun m+j had finding and cutting their own tree last year, we thought we'd give it a try. and, believe me, it was worth the hype! 

tucked away in newcastle, the farm itself is pretty sizeable and has several varieties of trees to choose from. both T and i were surprised at how large the farm was since we had to drive through a neighborhood to get to it. but, the scene couldn't have been more darling nor the staff more welcoming.  

[the gang]

first up, we took a hayride out to some of the fields to see what type and size of tree we were looking for. it was so hard to choose since there were so many different trees that we liked but, once we saw 'the one', we knew. 

[we found it!]

[my hunky lumberjack]

[m+j finding their tree]

once we cut our trees, we had them wrapped and loaded up. then, we headed over to the main office to sip on hot cocoa. it was, without a doubt, some of the best cocoa i'd ever had. even now, i still can't figure out what they added to make it so good. 


[all dressed up]

so far, the holiday season is off to a really great start :)

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