Friday, December 18, 2015

food in movies

next up on food in movies, was chocolat (my pick). this one seemed fitting for the winter weather given the setting of the movie but, what was most surprising was that it was on my list to view (and eat). unlike most i've met, i am one of the few that don't care for chocolate. i know, right? i quickly learned not to reveal this in large groups of people as their reactions were pretty extreme. but, enough is enough, and i'm finally putting it out there...i don't get the big deal about chocolate. 

that is, until i watched the movie, chocolat. the vast majority of the cocoa-themed foods eluded me except for the hot chocolate. something about the reactions people had to taking those first sips had me dreaming of trying it myself. my mouth watered in every scene featuring it which, of course, meant i had to track down the recipe. 


first up, i had to add in the extra spice for it to be the cocoa from the movie, cue chili water! for those who are confused, like i was, it's a way to gradually add in heat to this drink without going too far. 

[all the vanilla bean caviar]

[slowly, slowly adding in the chili water]

[all the dreamy steam means it's ready!]

and, true to the movie, we of course had to have fresh whipped cream on top :)

this cup of cocoa was just how i imagined it to be in the movie. and even though, chocolate isn't normally my cup of tea, this cup (and the movie) may have made the list ;)

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