Wednesday, February 10, 2016


[treat from my favorite local cupcake shop]

very often while out and about, i run into old friends who have either moved or we've just lost touch. and while i am thrilled to see them, i always dread the question to come: "so what have you been up to lately? or "what's new?"

now, this is not to say i dislike catching up which is far from the case. i just have a hard time with the question itself. mainly because, i never know what to say. post-college, the only note-worthy things to say are a new job, relationship status change (start or stop, engagement and marriage), children, or something completely random. for the most part, adulting, if it is going pretty well is...boring. good, but boring. once you're married, the natural jump for people is to think children are on the way. T and i are content without them for the time being, so it makes for an awkward (on my part) answer. so, what i've stuck to lately is, "nothing, just enjoying being married", which is then followed by the wow, that is so boring look. ...see what i mean? yuck. 

but, i feel i should clarify that just because it is "boring" and/or uneventful in their eyes, doesn't mean it is that way in reality. T is my very favorite person, and being married to him is the cats pajamas - everyday. even the days that aren't dynamite, are still "all that and a bag of chips" because he's there. i love just being us two married together, exploring life and all the adventures along the way. 

so, does anyone else experience this? i can't be the only one to dread and experience the boring look, right? 

[gorgeous viewpoint]

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