Friday, February 5, 2016


[plant delivery! let's hope they make it]

sorry for the radio silence recently guys. i wish i had a good reason for it, but truth be told, nothing too major has happened over here. it's honestly been lots of little 'happenings' that were great, but weren't anything to write a whole post on. so, i of course thought i'd combine several of my favorites, and i hope you enjoy!

[sunday morning lounging]

[little guns are starting to say hello]

[my mom sent a seriously adorable gift for the pups]

[snippet of our living room rearranging]

[rose sippin']

one of my favorite moments though, was helping my best find the dress! it was found by happy accident via one of her amazing 'maids, and after trying it on...she knew it was the one. i couldn't be happier to have been there with her momma. she really is going to be the most beautiful bride, and i of course love her dearly. 

[cheers to the dress, the bride, and the mob!]

[solo creeping on the neighbors]

[boba playing sous chef]

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