Wednesday, February 24, 2016


[s'mores all day, everyday]

have you ever had one of those nights (or days) where everything just fell into place? i mean moments where your original plans had changed at the very last minute, and opened up for something truly unexpected and amazing. one of those instances happened not only to T and i, but to several of our friends one weekend. coincidentally, we all had separate plans that night, but they'd been cancelled or changed for one reason or another. so, we all got together that night to hang, since we'd all planned on being out. as we are talking about how funny it was that we were together that night, one of our dear friends, brian, (who happened to be in town) called to meet up!

that then lead to a night that was pure magic. there was great food, lots of laughs, and an unreal amount of positivity and support for one another. we got to catch up, share in great news for one another, and feel some serious friend love. it was such a beautiful night that i will hold dear always, and it was all thanks to fate! pretty great and weird, huh?

[one of my favorites]

[make mine extra toasty, please!]

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