Monday, February 15, 2016

community heart

sometimes you come across something so cute, so creative, that you can't resist. one such occasion happened last week when i came across this image on instagram from one of my favorite local shops, the social club. it's a holiday-themed heart installation where you can buy one of five cards, enter in the intended's info, and they mail it out for you. it's pretty much a recipe for an inventive community art project, with an added dose of sweetness. 



[follow the pink arrows]

i mainly like to indulge in valentine's day via notes to our parents or friends, so this seemed to be the perfect way to do that. plus, i always love a good card pun, and these cards were perfect. 

[cute card to be...]

[all sealed and ready to go]

i sure hope our sweet intendeds loved their cards as much as i loved adding to this fun project!

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