Monday, February 22, 2016

food in movies

hope you all had a great weekend! sadly, i didn't get to enjoy the beautiful weather since i spent it cozied up to a box of kleenex, chicken noodle soup, and my pjs...aka, i was sick. i can't say it was my favorite weekend ever, but i did get to indulge in a chick flick marathon so, it wasn't all bad. 

before i got sick though, T and i indulged in his pick for food in movies, the epic saga that is the godfather. i'd been looking forward to this one for sometime since i love italian food of any kind. plus, it is one of T's favorite films and books of all time so, this one was a biggie. however, it was pretty tricky to decide what dish to make. then, we thought of it...spaghetti and meatballs! this dish would of course be a tribute to a scene where michael learns how to make it in the midst of becoming the don. it's a small scene, but an iconic one. 

to set the mood, we played dean martin and bobby darin. plus, you can't enjoy italian food without a bottle of wine, and T went above and beyond in this area. not only did he find a grape i hadn't had (pretty tricky to do since i am a big wine lover), but it was the perfect compliment to the night.

[my furry sous chef]

[meatballs a sizzling]

[the art-like chef with his presentation]

T and i are pretty picky about spaghetti and meatballs, so we weren't expecting much. but, i am happy to say the recipe we found completely reinvigorated our faith in the dish. the meatballs were tender and flavorful with a hint of spice, and the sauce..."forget about it!". seriously...some of the best i've ever, ever had.

["some day you'll have to cook for 20 guys..."]


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