Friday, June 3, 2016

morning walk

now that things are settling down (schedule-wise), T and i thought we should take the pups out for a little romp in the great outdoors. with all the weddings and events, we'd been feeling pretty guilty we hadn't spent much quality time with the pups. so, we called up m+j to see if they'd be interesting in coming out with us for a morning pup hike. 

the boys couldn't have been more excited to be together. the moment we got to stinchcomb, the three took off to go mark every tree they could, sniff out any fun scents, and just be pups. i feel like they know when it's their day. 

[looking for our favorite swimming hole]

funny thing about this swimming hole - boba and solo have only been once. yet, they knew exactly where to go! T and i couldn't quite remember where it was but, the boys ran ahead and pointed it out to us before making a mad dash for the water. 

[racing to get there and back first]

[co-branch managers]

[extra lazy lab tongue]

[shake, shake, shake...]

[my stick]

all three pups swam to their hearts' content before tiring out. so, we packed up and headed out to enjoy a swimming party of our own while the boys took their afternoon naps. 

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