Wednesday, June 8, 2016

ten year

over the weekend, T and i attended his 10 year high school reunion. for several months, T and two of his h.s. friends had been planning the event, sending invitations, and working out all the details. it was pretty great to experience it on the other side since i didn't go to my reunion last year. i wasn't particularly interested in my ten year, plus one of my dearest friends planned her wedding for the same weekend. but, seeing it from T's point of view as the planner was really great. 

[the co-planners altogether]

the event was held at a local restaurant on the patio complete with pinterest-like decor, old newspaper headlines, mylar balloons, school gear, class photos, and a fun photo booth. 

[mr and mrs webb]

[packed house]

it was so great to finally meet all of T's old friends i'd heard so much about. hearing them walk down memory lane was equal parts hilarious and wonderful. i really loved hearing about younger T and all the shenanigans he used to get into ;)

[putnam city hs inspired shots]

[wives club]

[the three amigos]

a great night seeing old (or new, if you're me) faces, showing school spirit, and seeing how far we'd all come in just ten years. #cheersto10years!

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