Wednesday, June 15, 2016

mount scott

sometimes a change of plans can lead to something even better. last satuday, alex and i were to check out a wine and yoga class we'd signed up for. sadly, the class had been cancelled last minute and we were trying to come up with another bestie date idea. our unofficial terms were that it had to be outdoors, new to us both, help us break a sweat, and be equally (or as close as can be) exciting to us as our cancelled class. 

then, we thought of it - a sunrise hike in the wichitas up mount scott to take in the gorgeous views followed by breakfast. 

even though i had been to the wichitas, i'd never been up to mount scott nor made a sunrise hike. so, i was all too thrilled for our 'venture.

[gorgeous views at every turn]

the 3 mile hike up was exhausting, but filled with countless gorgeous views. as hard as the uphill hike, you'd think we had a terrible time, but we couldn't stop laughing. nor could we stop singing, "eye of the tiger", or "we are the champions". one of my favorite moments had with my best for sure. 

[tree pose at the top]

then, we were finally at the top, reaping the reward of our hard work. stunning views at every turn that made our efforts all the more worth it. watching the sun change the colors of the sky, the lake, the mountains, and all the rollings hills therein. it was...perfect.

[happy girls]

after a break to relax and hydrate, we made our way back down. but not before seeing the true distance of our journey. it's funny, we spent the whole time focused on the goal ahead that we didn't see how far we had come. there's a life lesson in there i think ;)

[all those blues]

then, it was finally off to breakfast and one amazing nap. happy hump day!

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