Wednesday, February 1, 2017

a bit of new

this past month, i've stumbled onto a couple of new-ish locales that i thought were worth sharing. because who doesn't love seeing something new? 

first up, was found when i made plans to workout with cat. it had been awhile since we got into a hot yoga class, so we thought we'd get back in one saturday morning. not only was yoga amazing, but we sweated our little booties off! it was well overdue, and left us feeling reinvigorated. we decided our post-sweat treat was to try out the newly opened juice bar, wheeze the juice. neither of us had actually tried out a legit juice bar, so we were excited to check it out. 

not only were the owners extremely nice, knowledgeable, and welcoming, we loved their use of 90s slang. i mean, how can you not get pumped about juice when hearing things like "tight" and "radical". we both loved our juices (cat, wheezing greens; mine, sup doc?), and our smoothies (cat, camp anawana; mine, dana scully). not to sound cliche, but it really opened my eyes to the world of quality juices. 

[girl talk and smoothie sipping]

then, T and i both had a very long and frustrating week not too long ago. feeling so drained, we naturally felt like hanging in and watching a movie, or two. but, against our inclinations, we decided to check out the rotating art gallery in 21c hotel and museum downtown. several pieces truly gave us pause and shifted our perspective. we later enjoyed the local views, and stylish atmosphere over craft cocktails. it really was the best way to help us leave a dreary week behind us, and greet the weekend with a fresh face. 

[his and hers]

[i love dating this guy]

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