Friday, February 3, 2017

food in movies (revisited)

you may recall my food in movies post where i tackled the movie ratatouille. the dish, ratatouille, was amazing, but left me curious about the delicious soup remy first made. what did it taste like, and what all was in it. i began searching for any and all sources who'd attempted recreating it, but didn't come across anything that felt like the soup.  

then, i finally stumbled upon it. it had everything i'd been imagining would be in it. i had to create it!

[potatoes, scallions, garlic, shallots, and leeks]

[wine for the soup courtesy of cat]

my only alteration to the recipe was to add chicken since i am married to a meatatarian. but, i felt chicken wouldn't take away from the overall flavor of the soup.  

[it looks like the soup in the movie before remy fixed it!]

[adding in the cream aka the moment of truth]

after a healthy addition of cream to the simmering soup, it was time to take a whiff and see if it had come together. oh man, guys...if there were a way to attach that heavenly scent to this post, i'd do it. i had no clue what the soup would smell like, and yet, when i checked it, i knew it was ready. 

served with fresh baguettes and tasty wine, it was everything i'd hoped it would be. even T liked it! he doesn't even like soup, but said, "that may be the best soup i've ever had". how great is that?!

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