Monday, February 20, 2017

the mercantile

last weekend, i took a day trip out to the pioneer woman's restaurant and shop with alex and kathy. we'd been interested in taking a road trip out, and initially planned to go last december. sadly, our state got a bad spurt of hail and freezing rains that day, and had to cancel. so, we set our sights on last saturday with the hopes we didn't get any freak weather conditions blow through. 

[quick breakfast at an old favorite]

once we parked, we learned about the many lines to get in. our initial plan was to grab lunch at the restaurant, and do a little shopping after before heading home. however, the line for her restaurant was 3 hours long. you heard right, 3 hours! now, i've waited an hour to an hour and a half for a table, but 3 hours is just too long. so, we waited to get into the shop (which was a much shorter line) and bakery. 

the shop couldn't have been more adorable. it was filled with loads of kitchen goods in practically every color and shape. i set my sights on a set of bright olive ramekins, alex picked up a new sign for her home, and kathy got a candle and ring dish. 

next, we ventured upstairs to the bakery and practically drooled looking at all the sugary goodies. i still can't decide which dessert was my favorite between the lemon bar and ree's cinnamon roll...but, i do know i was in sugary, buttery heaven. 


after we shopped and snacked, we saw the line hadn't died down so, we headed back to tulsa for a late lunch. we'll be back though, don't you worry. but, i think it'll be for a weekday visit when the lines aren't nearly as long and we can sit for a bit while we enjoy the food. 

all in all, it was a fun mini trip with the gals. plus, i got to introduce alex and kathy to my all time favorite bbq spot in ok. a win, win in my book! 

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