Wednesday, February 22, 2017

life, according to my iphone

[window candy; have you seen the gin?]

with all of this strange, springlike weather coming in, it's been hard not to jump on the bandwagon for the season to come. daffodils and tulips have already started blooming, the sun is staying out later, and we've been enjoying biking around our city again. and while it feels unnerving how early it's started (as well as what that means for our summer season), i've tried to not overthink it even though i do love having a full winter season. how about you guys? is all of this warmth weirding you out at all? 

[loving this view]

[ramen and mochi night]

[festive ride; i'll think about it ;)]

[new mural viewing; snow daze]

[michael's bday dinner; best buds]

[respective happy hours]

[post-playing in the snow lounging; squash boats]

[complicated and fun; yoga practice]

[hello kitty donuts!!; my pug-tato boyfriend]

[new brew tasting; a seriously intense round of jenga]

[best pup pals; trying new pizza combos]

[trail marker; soup ingredients]

[pre-movie cocktail; my early bday gift courtesy of T!]

[an evening with dawes; fri-yay cocktails]

[banana cream pie making; pup mail day]

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