Monday, July 24, 2017

awesome & awkward

[all about that ramen life]

  • for some time, T has been requesting frozen custard to be on the ice cream to-do list. it was hanging in the wings, waiting for it's chance to be next up. but, i am happy to report, that time has finally come! i know it won't hold a candle to dairy queen, freddie's, or ted drewes, but i'm hoping it will be delicious just the same. 
  • after my last pasta 'ventures post, i've been upping my pasta making game. recently on the rotation has been pappardelle with freshly made basil pesto (omg!), perfecting our ravioli recipe, and next weekend, we will be tackling an elusive pasta shape (post to come).
  • the current season has been such a treat, but i am already getting excited for our upcoming fall plans. does that ever happen to you? here's what i'm looking forward to: our 2nd annual themed dinner party, celebrating T's birthday weekend on the beach, boogieing to two of our long-time favorite bands in october (one on our anniversary!), celebrating our 3 year wedding and homeowner anniversary, and general fall holiday fun.
  • last week, i stopped by a party supply shop to pick up a birthday balloon for a co-worker's office celebration. after paying, i walked towards the door when the shop staff stopped me to lend a helpful reminder about the intense heat in cars. i guess i didn't realize how close my balloon was to me because when i turned to hear what she said, i smacked myself with it right in the face. i know she noticed because it made a distinct bounce noise, and i looked surprised it happened. i'm pretty sure she giggled quite a bit after i left.

[street construction + me with my real life groot]

[it's rib-o-clock]

[all the heart eyes]

[those tomatoes are for us, right?]

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