Monday, July 10, 2017

holiday weekend

happy monday everyone! i hope you all had a great holiday last week. T and i savored an extra long weekend enjoying the things we love most - great food, and great company. unsurprisingly, i felt a recap was well in order. 

[T's favorite snow cone stand]

friday, T and i took a road trip out to okarche to try out eischen's fried chicken. more on that 'venture in another post, but trust me when i say it was delicious. afterwards, T took me on a trip down memory lane through his old stomping grounds in okc. 

saturday, we went to a cookout at a friend's house where we played giant jenga, lit up sparklers, snacked on treats, and were treated to a backyard viewing of the sandlot. 

sunday, T and i mostly lounged about aside from a mini cookout with mike. the pups got to see their favorite dog friends, and we got to hang with one of our favorites. 

monday, i snuck up to my favorite juice bar to say hey and grab a couple of fresh blends. later, T and i got to work on our own little barbeque. with the 4th being on a tuesday, it kind of threw off our normal daytime celebrations. so, we decided we'd do the classic cookout the night before. 

[chef T]

it was T's first time to make ribs. but as good as they were, you'd have no idea...i still have dreams about them!

[pup patrol]

later that night, i got to catch up with one of my favorite gal pals over wine, cheese, and a netflix marathon. 

tuesday, T and i took the pups out to elk mountain (post to come). it was a hot, sweat-drenched hike, but absolutely worth it to get to the top. plus, the pups love any chance to get as dirty as possible. 

once we got back, and got cleaned up (that shower was life affirming), m+j and my brother came over for mojitos, 4th of july cheesecake bars, and a fireworks show at the park. 


[bike gang]

we had such a blast all weekend (and week) that we spent the second half of the week getting some much needed r+r :)

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