Monday, July 17, 2017

elk mountain

a couple of weeks back, T and i loaded up the pups for a day hike out at the wichitas. we decided we'd check out a new (to us) trail out at elk mountain. thankfully, there was a storm that passed through the night before so the boys had loads of mini pools and mud to play in. 

[boba finding his first pool to lay in]

sadly, there were too many hikers out on the trail to let the boys run off leash, but T easily kept up with their made it all the easier for me to snap photos of all the sights :)

[just shy of half way up]

[my mountain man]

the first half of the hike (going up) was pretty intense, mostly due to the tricky terrain, incline, and weaving of the trail. that being said, it was really cool seeing our mountain-side views changing the further we went up. plus, we were greeted by an eastern collared lizard, and fresh elk droppings (guess that's why it's called 'elk' mountain - eep!). 

the second half of the hike (going up) was much better. there was a good amount of shade throughout, and the terrain was a nice switch from the first half. then, the wind picked up which was a sweet reminder of how close we were getting to the mountaintop.  

[pup pool with a view]

[taking a breather and catching the views]

it was a memorably sweaty hike that was well worth pushing through. it's probably why i love to hike when we can. being able to push through what your mind says you can do to reap such gorgeous rewards with your favorites makes it all the better. 

here's to the next hike! but, maybe we stick to early morning/late afternoon hikes ;)

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