Wednesday, July 12, 2017

new (to me)

in the past few weeks, i got to try a few new (to me) food spots that had been on my radar for a hot minute. does anyone else get excited when they get to check a place off of their 'food list'? or, i guess the real question is, does anyone else have a 'food list' log they keep? for those who don't, anytime i hear of a place that interests me whether it is local, out of state, or out of country, it goes on the list. and believe me, my list is pretty extensive. 

as far as the okc metro area goes, eischen's had been on that list for a loooong time. if you haven't heard of this spot, they are primarily known for their tasty fried chicken and okra. i'd been trying to get out to this place for awhile, but usually weather wouldn't permit it. but, i finally got to go, and it was well-worth the wait. seriously, finger-licking good, and we will be back. 

next up, the first on my list of onion burgers to try in the area, tuckers. i'd heard about tuckers for awhile, but hadn't gotten a moment to try their burgers. not only were their burgers and shakes extra tasty, but i've never seen T not finish a burger (it was too big!). 

[checking out his burger-to-be]

lastly, i met up with a couple of gal pals for a little catch up, and dinner at urbun last week. think yummy steamed bun concoctions served with freshly made fries and unique dipping sauce combinations. from top to bottom (on the right side of the above photo): soft-shell crab, pork belly, and fried chicken. 

[matcha soft-serve with toasted coconut]

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