Thursday, July 5, 2012

the 4th, the 4th, the 4th of july!

i hope everyone had an amazing fourth of july! us and the pups sure did (minus the fireworks...boba and solo were not big fans of them). now since T and i have been together, every 4th has certain to-do's we have to cross off. i have always been pretty low-key as to my traditions for the 4th - grilled out treats, fireworks and family. T on the other hand has his ideal list of things to make his 4th of july complete and i have to say, it's a good list :) so each year we make sure to include the following... 

grilling out with yummy patriotic treats...i.e. burgers and corn on the cob

patrioticly decorated sweet treats..the one i made this year is a cheescake from scratch (crust and all!) decorated as the flag with yummy summer fruits..

cheesecake is of course T's favorite dessert of all time, so he about lost it once he saw it completely finished :)

we hit the pool to soak up some summer rays..

then retreated to the park to view the fireworks with friends (and see a minor league baseball game in the process)..

and afterwards headed home to play with sparklers and smoke bombs.

hope your celebrations were filled with all the to-do's you love most for a fun-filled 4th!

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