Tuesday, July 24, 2012


a few weeks ago T and i took the pups for some swim time at lake thunderbird. it was a great day with lots of sun, swimming and rolling around in red mud...for the pups at least and boy, did they get gross ;)

(i love this photo because you can see solo swimming after his big brother!)

even T ventured into the water to play with the pups...

remember when our little polar bear of a pup was white? sigh, not so much right now..that's okay, it's pup day right?! the inner cleaner within kept trying to remember this and not think about how long it would take to get all the red mud off him in his bath later :)

as the day started to roll to a close, the pups started to give these looks..
hey mom, can we stay here forever?

ya mom, please?! the only thing that would make this better would be dinner time! wait, can it be dinner time already?

sigh....no it's not dinner time and no we can't stay forever. but we will be back soon! 

until next time, happy almost hump day!


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