Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the living kitchen

last friday, T and i met up with my family for an amazing dinner at the living kitchen. if you haven't heard of it, it's a sweet little self-sustaining farm in the small town of depew, ok. during the summer and fall seasons, they host several dinners featuring live produce grown from their own farm...this was so amazing i have to reiterate that all products used in their creations from the cheese, to the creamer, to the veggies, to the meats, etc are from either their farm or local farms nearby. what!

sadly, due to inclement weather we weren't able to tour the farm to meet all the goats and chickens but, we did have something equally if not more awesome...greeters!

our farm greeters were four of the coop guard pups who i absolutely loved! what better way to come to a farm than to be properly greeted by it's protectors?!

this one had a crush on me i think - as he loved following me everywhere as i took photos ;)

from the entrance of the farm we drove up a little ways to the cabin where the dinner was held where we were properly greeted by their very friendly kitty. and even though i am crazy allergic, i did think it was cute how happy she was to see us. i decided to name her mr. socks...and yes, i know it's a strange name that starts with mr but it seemed just right. as all impromtu names do :)

my mom said, "ooo, let's do prom pics!", so of course T and i goofed it up with cheesy faces and a thumbs-up..goofs

heading into the cabin, we were greeted with apertifs made from cucumber-infused vodka...yum! (i've got to make a batch of my own for the remaining part of the summer...)

out on the enclosed patio with a background of rainfall was where we enjoyed quite possibly the most amazing and creative dinner i've ever had. lots of laughter, storytelling and great conversation filled the gaps of the intensely flavored food...in a word, it was perfect from start to finish.

what added to the cozy feelings of the night was mr socks playing games with my mom's feet as well as trying to get close by jumping from lap to lap..including mine! fortunately my brother's girlfriend took mr socks from my lap so that i could be saved from troublesome allergies..thanks again!

how cute is this photo? mr socks caught me trying to take snapshots and decided i needed an up close shot.

as the night and courses progressed, our brightly lit patio turned into a warmly illuminated dinner with only lanterns and twinkly lights to guide our way through the experience. after the dinner ended we walked back out to our cars to see a full night sky and the guard pups to send us off. sigh, a lovely night to always remember and i hope to return back soon.

happy tuesday everyone!

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