Wednesday, July 11, 2012

family float trip (part two)

i just love this photo my mom took :)

and now part two of our family float trip!

there of course can't be any trip without a manly photo of T and my brother together...i'm starting to think they physically can't make a smiley-faced photo ;)

so there we were floating along, when we suddenly found a rope swing..before we could even think "i wonder if it's deep enough to try out (the water)", T hoped out of the raft to be the first to try it out!

not quite deep enough but it looked fun enough, so my dad had to join in...

this photo is included for two reasons: it is the only picture taken after my dad pushed me in the river (still pretty funny since i was just making fun of how funny it would be to fall in..then, splunk!) and then after a swim, T very sweetly fed me chips...which is kinda cute.

then after a long day out, we made it back to the drop site, dried off/changed clothes and exchanged father's day gifts. a sweet way to end a great day as a family and a happy father's day indeed :)

happy hump day!

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