Friday, July 27, 2012

adventures in okie-homa

a couple of weeks ago i had the itching idea to take a trip to explore a peach festival in the small town of stratford, oklahoma. i had gone to another similar to it when i was little and thought it was time to check out this one too. with my idea in mind, i asked my friend laun if she would go with me under the presumption we would have an adventure much like James and the Giant Peach ;)

so we set out last saturday to hopefully beat some of the 100+ degree heat hitting oklahoma and learn how to properly pick a peach straight from the tree!

first rolling into town, we grabbed lunch at a little diner featuring the local mascot where they had freshly-made peach milkshakes..

after the diner, we drove up a ways to the festival but, found the heat too be a little too much as there weren't many covered areas to take a breather from the sunny rays. so we high-tailed it out feeling unsuccessful until, we saw this mom n' pop shop featuring peaches from their orchard across the road!

and while we never got to actually pick these peaches, we got yummy samples of our soon-to-be tasty treats...

(this photo was snapped right after laun asked the owner if the crates of peaches were for sale to which he replied, of course! i love how excited she looks!)

heading out with all the peaches we could walk away with, we started to drive back when we saw this peach orchard on the side of the road! and i must admit that i've never been to or even seen a peach orchard/peaches growing on trees...

had i not been sweating like crazy or nervous of getting in trouble, i had my eye on this peach and every intention of picking it...mmm, another time peach. another time.

but the same can't be said for this peach :)

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