Saturday, July 14, 2012

puppy steps

when we got solo, T and i were so excited because boba would have a little swimming buddy! of course we couldn't just throw him into a pool, so we took puppy steps to introducing water. first, we waited a couple weeks (since he was only 5 weeks when we got him) to try out his water paws :)

on first take, solo was curious and scared...his paws were wet and he couldn't figure out how to get in and out of their kiddie pool.

boba kept trying to coax him to come play and show him how much fun he was having...but no luck

then we all got in so he would feel better...still no luck. so we thought we would take a break for another couple weeks until he one, grew a little and two, wasn't so scared.

flash forward a couple weeks where we started catching solo trying to swim in his waterbowl....scratch that, he started swimming in his and boba's waterbowl. took us a little time to figure out why he was coming in soaking wet after going outside for potty breaks ;)

so we thought it was high time we try another take with their kiddie pool to see how he does. first, he started out the same...curious and a little scared. but then boba got in and he thought he would try it out. he walked around sniffing...

and got a look on his pup face of "hey...i kinda like this!"

he then began splashing up a storm, biting the water and rolling around..

"hey, can i play in this all day?"
no, not exactly pup...but rest assured i had a sweet treat in store for him and boba now that he had finally found his water paws!

last weekend, T and i took a mini trip to lake thunderbird (i'll post more on it later) for boba to show solo how to doggie paddle..

solo followed boba out further and further until he couldn't touch anymore and then it happened! little solo started to doggie paddle all on his own without boba near him!

we are so excited he's finally a water pup like his big brother which will be fun for lake trips in the future! now, if i could only figure out how to get him to high five me we'd be set...

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