Thursday, October 4, 2012

T's birthday and seaside

while on our beach vacay, we celebrated T's birthday! which i of course just love that day since one of my favorite people was born then :) initially, i had all of these amazing ideas for us to do that day which, sadly, were all thrown to the wind when a storm came through. the rain was too intense and the water too rough so no outside adventures for us. shoot.

we were able to sneak out in between the 'bouts of rain to hang for a few along the beach which was nice but, it made us instantly wish the rain would skedaddle. it was then that my grandparents had the idea of going to seaside!

if you haven't been to seaside, be prepared, it's crazy cute with all of it's pop-up food trucks, hideaway restaurants and quirky shops.

(are these just for kids? oh well. if anyone asks, i grew early..and so did T)

first time i've been to a shop that was appropriately named. cupcakes and gelato? yep, heavenly.

i kinda love this photo :)

then we came back for homemade pizzas and a surprise of T's favorite dessert..yum!

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