Monday, October 1, 2012

sandy ruins

i am from a family of sandcastle builders..have i mentioned that? not like at a competition level or anything like that, just the general love of getting creative with beach toys. it's funny to watch the similarities/differences with my mom and i versus my dad and T. with the girls, much more detailed and neat..the boys, large mounds or pyramids but not neat. which feels funny to say because it's sand; it gets everywhere and is practically impossible to make it neat and clean.

T and i's sand city became home to a couple of pigeons and seagulls. my grandma thought it was so cute.

my dad's pyramid became the envy of all the little boys on the beach. he was "so cool!!" (duh)

what i also learned from T's sand digging is this - i now know who our pups learned to dig from..especially boba ;)

[T and i found this further along the beach. we should have combined forces!]

hope you have a less sand-filled monday!

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  1. Love the sandcastles!!! I can't remember the last time I made a sandcastle at the beach...


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