Friday, October 12, 2012

i love...

[festive veggies for the start of the fall season]
this weekend is a biggie for all sooner fans alike since it's OU/TX! sadly T and i will not be making the trek down to join in the festivities but we will be watching the game in eager anticipation for the sooners win (obviously). this month also marks a year of making lemonade...eek! that sounds crazy to say out loud but more importantly, i just want to say thanks to everyone who checks out my fancy little blog :)

[cooler weather means the lift of the burn ban so grilling-out is back on!]

[writing sweet notes in the sand to each other]

[cooking with sweet potatoes and squashes as often as possible. colorfully yummy.]

[T and i's new concoction aka the pumpkin pie: pumpkin pie liquer, splash of brandy and sprinkle of cinnamon]

[this face. he makes it everytime i get on my laptop..utterly irresistable]

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