Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween means...time travel?

well, maybe not. but when it comes to T and i's costumes for halloween, it does! ever since we first started dressing up together, we've always tried to go with costumes that are the perfect combination of classic and uncommon. not so uncommon where people don't know what we are but, just enough so we don't run into any others dressed like us ;)
last year, we went as mr. clean and the 50s housewife. it ended up being a huge hit and was probably the most comfortable i've ever been on that holiday ;) this year however, we kept coming up short on what to do, when i came up with the idea of a bootlegging 20s couple. T was the paperboy covering for our moonshining business and i, of course, spent all the earnings on fancy jewels and parties. too much back story?? okay, we're just a 20s couple.

as for tonight, T and i will be carving our pumpkins, snacking on vampire cupcakes (pictures to come) and watching spooky movies. hope your halloween is bewitchingly fun too!!


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