Monday, October 8, 2012

the donut hole

our last day on holiday, my dad, T and i ventured for an early morning delight at a local bakery called the donut hole. my dad had heard of it via a friend and was promptly warned to get there early as they sell out each day. and while i wasn't so sure a bakery would be worth the wait of losing great sleep hours, seeing the lines around the shop were enticing enough to try it out.

(when we got there we saw two cop cars parked out front...and, not to be a smart ass about it but, i take that as a good sign in a donut shop)

upon walking in, still sleepy-eyed, bright lights illuminated baked goods from donuts to cupcakes to key lime pies. i caught my breath, could it be real?

to which i looked over to my shoulder at this guy who gave a look of "well, ya. where did you think you were?"

if can read the signage then you are right in seeing a key lime-filled donut. i had no idea such deliciousness existed!!
my two favorites of the bunch were key lime-filled (of course) and the red velvet (ah-mazing). my only regret is that i didn't get more of these two!

[our last sunset. i sure do love this photo.]

thanks for being such treats in enjoying our vacation via posts! i'll be back with some fall-like entries in the next day or so :)


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