Friday, March 21, 2014

bridesmaid gifting diy

when T proposed to me last summer, it came pretty easy to me who i would have in my wedding party. since most of our loved ones were present (minus a few), i went ahead and popped the question to them all on the spot. now, i know most use a adorably pinterest-inspired way to ask but, i couldn't wait any longer in all the excitement. and while i didn't have a planned way of asking, i knew i wanted to do something special for them later. something sweet to get them excited for all the coming activites, and to let them know how much i loved them.
i was so thrilled with how they came out i thought i would share the diy for others to use. it could easily be used to ask "will you be my maid of honor or bridesmaid?" or for any occasion you want to show a special someone your love for them.
so, here we go...

first thing i did, was to personalize some hair clips for each of them. all of my dears have long hair that are perfect for some sparkly hair accessories. so, i picked up some basic clips from walgreens, layed a thin layer of glue and went crazy with each different shade of glitter i had. once they dried, i sprayed them generously with a clear coating spray (which you can find at hobby lobby).

[how cute right?]

next up, i decorated sweet cards for them using several different patterns of washi tape. i've been on a big washi tape kick lately and used it as a great excuse to get creative.

then, for the items i couldn't make: i picked up shades of blue nail polish by essie (as a hint to our wedding colors we'll be choosing), confetti pops by thimblepress (because who doesn't love to celebrate with confetti), and splits of champagne for the girls who were local (note: make sure you know your state laws on mailing alcohol. i didn't know, so i had to change a couple who i couldn't physically deliver to).
it was so fun to put together and a great way to show some love.

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