Wednesday, March 12, 2014

new to me

sometimes, while exploring around okc, i'll find a building or park that will make me say, "hey, that looks interesting. i'll have to check it out sometime!". sadly, i tend to forget when i make those mental notes and get distracted by other plans made. fortunately, a chance walk around downtown, a couple weekends back, threw me straight into one i'd had my eye on for some time, the botanical garden!

it is almost embarrassing how often i walk or drive past it, and it has taken me so long to check it out. i was pleasantly surprised to find it was worth taking a peek! i've been to several botanical gardens but, none were quite like was as if we transported to a mini rainforest with all of the lovely flora, fauna, and humidity (my hair wasn't too pleased about that part).

[how cute is my mom? i also just realized we made the same face]

[air of my favorites]

[flower within a flower]

[loved to see how ferns un-furl]

my favorite part, had to be a cross between the lovely (and cool) waterfalls, and the variety of orchids. orchids are my favorite flower and it was so great to see all the beautiful colors and patterns.

that makes one off my list of new to me...hope to check off a few more soon!

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